ART TRACK: Inventory Management for Artists, Art, Managers, & Galleries
ART-TRACK is a database-driven art tracking system that allows artists, art managers, and galleries to track individual pieces of art as they make their way from the studio to the gallery and beyond.
Every piece of art is tracked by artist, media, date, size, price, and other important information. In addition, a history of shows, sales, and owners can be maintained.
Artists' bios, statements, and other related data are stored independently, and association with each piece of art in the collection.
Galleries can track their entire inventory, artwork in a current show, or both, together with the participating artists and their associated information.
Show management features include inventory lists, artwork sign in/sign out checklists, gallery labels, and more.
If an artwork is tracked from its creation using ART-TRACK, a provinance can be generated when the piece is sold.
ART-TRACK can also be used to generate an easily-maintained virtual gallery of selected artworks that can be incorporated into your website.
Art auction management, from items to buyers to bids, including tracking of beverage sales, raise the paddle, dessert dash, etc., including forms, catalog pages, slide show, invoicing and post-auction reporting.
Membership Directory for Artist Organizations features searching by media, affiliation, location, etc. Artists can post and update Statements, Bios, Artwork, links, contact information, and news items.
CoCA Membership Directory
Robust Artist Directory implementation plus jurying and catalog generation, tied to membership database.

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